Highway 127

Welcome to Highway 127, a picturesque thoroughfare that winds its way through the heart of Cumberland County, Tennessee. This iconic highway offers not only a scenic drive but also a rich history that adds depth to its character. Additionally, it is home to the renowned 127 Yard Sale, a massive shopping event that spans across multiple states.

A Glimpse into Highway 127's Past

The history of Highway 127 is intertwined with the development of Cumberland County and its connection to the broader region. This historic road served as a lifeline for the community, providing essential access to commerce and travel.

A Vital Trade Route

Highway 127 has long been recognized as an essential trade route. It facilitated the movement of goods, people, and services, playing a crucial role in the economic growth of the region.

A Passage through Cumberland County

Highway 127 has also served as a gateway for visitors and travelers exploring the beauty of Cumberland County. Its winding path takes you through scenic landscapes, showcasing the natural splendor of the area.

The 127 Yard Sale

One of the highlights of Highway 127 is the annual 127 Yard Sale, a massive shopping event that spans across multiple states. This epic yard sale, often referred to as "The World's Longest Yard Sale," stretches over 690 miles and passes through five states, including Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama.

A Shopper's Paradise

The 127 Yard Sale has become a beloved tradition for both locals and visitors. It's an opportunity to explore an astonishing variety of items, from antiques and collectibles to handmade crafts and unique treasures. This event transforms Highway 127 into a shopper's paradise, attracting bargain hunters from all over the country.

Highway 127 Today

Today, Highway 127 continues to be a testament to the importance of transportation in the history and growth of Cumberland County. It remains a vital route, connecting communities and providing access to a variety of attractions, from local businesses to picturesque views of the Cumberland Plateau.

Your Journey along Highway 127

Highway 127 isn't just a road; it's a living testament to the progress and development of the region. It's a route where history, natural beauty, and shopping extravaganzas merge, where travelers embark on adventures, and where you can explore the legacy of Cumberland County's highway history.

Plan Your Drive and Shop 'til You Drop

Whether you're a local resident, a traveler passing through, or someone looking to explore the scenic byways of Cumberland County and beyond, Highway 127 has something to offer. Come and experience the beauty, history, and shopping delights of this iconic road. Plan your drive and get ready to shop 'til you drop during the 127 Yard Sale, a truly unique and memorable experience. Your scenic adventure and shopping spree await.