Crossville Memorial Airport

Welcome to Crossville Memorial Airport, a vital gateway to Cumberland County, Tennessee. This significant aviation hub offers not only convenience for travelers but also a rich history that adds depth to its character.

A Glimpse into Crossville Memorial Airport's Past

The history of Crossville Memorial Airport is a story of vision and community development. The airport was established in the mid-1940s to serve the local area and support the growing interest in aviation. It has played a crucial role in connecting Cumberland County with the wider region ever since.

World War II Connections

During World War II, the airport played an essential role in training military pilots. The U.S. Army Air Force utilized the airport as a training facility, underscoring its significance in both local and national history.

A Hub for Local Growth

The airport's presence stimulated economic growth in the region by attracting aviation-related businesses, boosting tourism, and providing essential services for the community. It has been instrumental in expanding Cumberland County's reach and opportunities.

Crossville Memorial Airport Today

Today, Crossville Memorial Airport continues to be a testament to the foresight of those who recognized the importance of aviation. The airport serves as a vital transportation link for residents, tourists, and businesses, connecting them to destinations near and far.

Your Gateway to Crossville Memorial Airport

Crossville Memorial Airport isn't just an airport; it's a living testament to the evolution of transportation and community growth. It's a place where history and modern convenience coexist, where travelers can embark on their journeys, and where you can experience the legacy of Cumberland County's aviation history.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you're a frequent traveler, a history enthusiast, or someone embarking on a new adventure, Crossville Memorial Airport has something to offer. Come and explore the history and significance of this vital transportation hub. Plan your visit today and witness the enduring legacy of Crossville Memorial Airport, Cumberland County, TN. Your journey begins here.